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2015 Weddings, A Busy Season!

A simple loose updo with a side braid.




A nice and tidy chignon.



Loose twists on the sides with low loose pinned curls.  This bride got married at Gorge Crest Vineyards in Underwood, Wa.  A beautiful spot with killer views of the gorge!






Yet another bride at Gorge Crest Vineyards with a similar updo as the one above.



Love the sweet babies breath tucked into the updo!



We used the babies breath on the bridesmaids also to tie the wedding party’s look together.



Love love her veil and timeless look!  This look is simple yet will look great in photos for years to come.



The view from Gorge Crest Vineyards is so amazing!  My photo doesn’t do the place justice.



Another bride getting ready to be married at Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast.  Before make-up she is still beautiful!



We used lavender, a baby white rose, and white orchids in her hair. White orchids are great to use in hair as they are an air flower and will last for a couple days without wilting.  Something important to think of on your wedding day if you want flowers in your updo.



I use temporary day of eyelash extensions.  Makes your eyes in your photos pop!  All make-up is water-proof, a very important detail that all make-up artists for wedding should consider.



Ellen and Vivi got married last year at Gorge Crest Vineyards.  Ellen wore a cute ankle length wedding dress with a blue and pink fascinator and Vivi wore a white tux with matching pink shoes.  Sooo creative!



Love her cute fasicinator



Views of the Columbia River Gorge.  Below is the Hood River Toll Bridge.  A gorgeous view on the drive to Gorge Crest Vineyards.



Kayla’s wedding hair with colored orchids.  Her and her mother are friends/clients of mine.  I got the pleasure of foiling her hair a beautiful shad of platinum blond and honey.



Pretty simple hair with a sparkly clip.



Before make-up…



After make-up…



This bride got married at Mt. Hood Organic Farms.  This is another spectacular venue that is located at the base of Mt. Hood.  The mountain is majestic and in your face.  I love her details of the vintage dress and her hair piece.



Twigss and Honey brand,  I like to give brides ideas for hair pieces.



Love her blue shoes.



A girl’s got to love a tiara!  It’s your special day so be a princess!



The bride below got married in Parkdale, OR, at a privately owned barn.  They had a cowboy themed wedding.  Super cute.  I also love all of the bright flowers in their hair.  The mother of the bride grew the flowers in her garden.  I went out and picked what flowers I wanted to put in their hair.  I had a ton of fun working and picking flowers!



Again, got to love those eyelash extensions!



Before make-up…



The details that count…



After, pretty natural make-up.  This bride got ready at the Vagabond Lodge rental house.  The house sits on the edge of the cliff with spectacular views of the gorge.



This bride saved some money and made cute paper flowers!


Balch Hotel

Balch Hotel

Balch Hotel


I did a wedding last September of 2013 at the Balch Hotel in Dufur, Oregon.  This is such an adorable hotel, I felt it necessary to add them to my favorite venues.  The owners, Jeff and Samantha, have lovingly restored this great old hotel.  Some of the benefits of this location is that it is sunnier and less rainy the farther east you travel and is not far from the Columbia River Gorge!  Below are sue pictures I took of Michelle’s hair and make-up and their vintage style wedding at a super cool hotel.